Residence Hall Association

MSC 02 1530
2700 Campus Blvd NE; #2318
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Physical Location:
LaPosada Lair

Phone: (505) 277-2160

Directors of Programming

Lilly Soriano


Year:  Sophomore

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

CA's I attend: Alvarado and RVA

Responsibilities and Goals: I am in charge of planning 4 programs a month for all the residents to attend. I hope to provide the residents with an array of programs to attend. 

Fun Facts: In my free time, I can be found dancing hula, playing soccer, or watching Disney movies.

Christapher Dutchover


Year: Sophomore (2nd )
Major: Pre-Med Biology
Hometown: Los Lunas, NM
CA's: SRC + Coronado
Responsibilities and Goals: 
My main responsibility is to work with both, my fellow Director of Programming, and the Programming Committee to plan events and activities for residents to attend and enjoy. My goal is to come up with ideas that get residents to fully experience what it is to live on campus, become as involved as possible, and meet as many people as they can!
Fun Facts: 
Two-time All-state level Trumpet Player
Dabbles in Rock Climbing
Never passes up an opportunity for a pun