Residence Hall Association

MSC 02 1530
2700 Campus Blvd NE; #2318
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Physical Location:
LaPosada Lair

Phone: (505) 277-2160

About Us

All residents who live on-campus with UNM are dues paying RHA members. So as a member, we encourage you to get involved and learn more about RHA! You can do this by attending our meetings on Monday  night at 7pm, visiting RHA Executives during their office hours (which you can find in the meet your Executives tab of this webpage), or by attending your home CA. We really encourage you to get involved in whatever way works best for you, but we hope you find yourself at RHA every once and a while. 

RHA will always strive to serve as a beacon of leadership and facilitators of community values among the student in on campus housing and UNM. As an organization we will strive to always represent ourselves and the University of New Mexico in a professional and unbiased manner in all respects. We will strive to be the catalyst of change that best serves the need of our community by assessing the expressed issues and moving forward in a proactive manner. We will strive to provide opportunity for community based experiences that facilitate personal development.

Core Values

SERVICE: Serving the on campus residents of UNM with fair and just representation.

INCLUSIVITY: Actively seeking to involve the community to foster goodwill.

RESPECT: Respecting our campus, environment, and the sanctity of our organization.

EMPATHY : Empathizing with the feelings of others to create a more accepting environment.